The Product

What is in the Quantum Infused Hologram?

Energy for Health: Our Quantum Infused holograms contain a unique blend of intrinsic frequencies, stored using holographic technology, that are formulated to affect certain areas of the human body. Since these holograms are non-trans-dermal, nothing enters the body. How does HOLOGRAPHIC TECHNOLOGY work? Programmed to Conduct Healing Energy: Holograms are quarter size discs that can be programmed with resonate frequencies. Once programmed, the hologram can be placed on acupressure points. Acupressure points are places on the skin that are especially sensitive to bio-electrical impulses. When the holograms are correctly embedded with the proper combination of frequencies, the body readily responds to these impulses. Eastern cultures have for over 5,000 years recognized that these areas conduct human energy. Western scientists also have mapped out and proven the existence of these systems. Science has also shown that stimulating these points can possibly result in a whole host of natural body reactions such as neuro-chemicals being released, which can block pain from anything like exercise over use to trauma and disease. Manipulation of these meridians can promote healing, immune function, stress relief, improved circulation, less lactic acid build up, increased blood balance, total body balancing, as well as promoting the body to detoxify, which improves your overall health and well-being. The body’s response is directly related to how the holograms are programmed and the exact placement on the meridians. This is an all-natural response. The hologram does nothing more than influences the body to function at its most efficient level. Every cell in your body vibrates. This vibration is how the cell functions to do its job. If you are injured or fatigued,  the vibration rate of the cell is diminished. The lower the vibration rate, the more at risk you are for more intense reactions to disease or the slower your recovery from injury or even exercise trauma. This lower vibration rate also compromises your immune system. A healthy cell vibrates at somewhere between 85 to 100 millivolts. When your body is trying to recover from exercise or injury, as well as a disease, the vibration rate of the effected cells is extremely compromised. For example, cancer cells have a vibration rate of about 15 millivolts, which puts the cell in a severe acidic and anaerobic state (oxygen deficient), a physical state where most disease and illnesses thrive. Healthy cells are more alkaline and oxygenated. Whether your cells are healthy or unhealthy has a direct relationship to cellular vibration rate. Programmed holograms simply aid in influencing maximum vibration rate, which depending on programming, can influence every metabolic function of the body, as well as the body’s ability to repair and recover itself. When healthy cells are functioning optimally it is much easier for the body to recognize diseased or damaged cells. This enables the immune system to respond more aggressively. The quicker the body recognizes problems, the easier it is for the immune system to take action. Quicker recognition equals less damage and less burden on the immune system to make the appropriate repairs. There is a belief among scientists, backed by research, that life is fundamentally electrical rather than chemical. In Theory, DNA functions as a biohologram, which serves as a guiding matrix for organizing physical function and form. Science shows that DNA can be activated and influenced through conscious linguistic expressions. Programmed holograms can transmit signals or frequencies to meridians to restore or influence cellular structure, which, in turn, also influences the functioning of the human body. OXOWW believes that because of the hologram’s broad spectrum of programmability, future science will show that holographic acupressure technology may be the most effective of all the acupressure technologies.