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Wear it.

Our disposable, real-time, quantum-infused holograms are a cutting-edge wearable technology. Simple to use and discreet, the hologram discs are a safe and effective do-it-yourself way of providing energy, relief, balance and overall wellness through holographic accupressure.


Simply wear them daily or as needed, and experience what others have. Click the button below to learn more about this technology and our 3 unique products: Real-Time Relief™, Real-Time Energy™ and Real-Time Sleep™.

Share it.

We have created a unique and lucrative Pay Plan to incentivize you when you share Aroga Worldwide with others. When you experience the benefits of the products for yourself, it becomes easy to want to share them with those you care about.


We believe the culture of sharing starts with the company, and as such we have dedicated 65% of total revenue to our promoters. It is this unparalleled rewards plan, matched with a global reach in over 100 countries, that provides you with a powerful platform to financially empower your dreams. We call it “Lifestyle by Design”.

Live it.

Aroga Worldwide is no ordinary company. We are not seeking to be defined by our products, as amazing as they are, or by the business opportunity, as equally powerful as it is. Our true passion, and what gets us up in the morning, is the drive to create a community of people around the world, that not only want to live their own lives to the fullest, but to invite other into that same reality.


This is how dynamic cultures are created, one’s that truly make a difference, and have the potential to impact millions of people’s lives. This is what we are creating at Aroga Worldwide, and we are inviting YOU to be an integral part of it. Learn more about our thriving company, culture, and community and then take the next step and choose to join us. Are you ready to live life to it’s fullest?

Our RealTime Energy™ holographic discs are an all-natural, clean alternative to the many harmful energy-stimulating product on the market. Simple to use and disposable, simply stick the RealTime Energy™ disc on key areas of your body to immediately feel their powerful benefits.

  • Proprietary quantum hologram technology

  • Real natural energy that lasts ALL DAY

  • Stronger workouts, mental focus & elevated mood

  • Supports healthy blood flow & oxygen levels

  • Non-transdermal accupressure

  • Simple, effective & easy to use

For thousands of years, Acupuncture (& Acupressure) have been recommended for the treatment of pain and to speed up recovery. RealTime Relief™ is an easy-to-use, “do-it-yourself” way of getting similar benefits. The disposable holograms communicate through the body’s meridians resulting in a harmonic and balanced body, assisting its ability to cleanse, balance and build.


  • Proprietary quantum hologram technology

  • Supports the body’s ability to relief pain

  • Speeds up the body’s natural recovery process

  • Supports healthy blood flow & oxygen levels

  • Non-transdermal accupressure

  • Simple, effective & easy to use

You’ve heard the phrase “sleep like a baby”. Well the truth is, you most likely have never had a better sleep than when you were an infant. Over time stress, worry, discomfort and other reasons keep us from having a restful sleep. Our RealTime Sleep™ holographic discs are an all-natural solution, designed to bring your body back to that serene state. Simple to use and disposable, simply stick the RealTime Sleep™ disc on before you go to bed and wake up feeling refreshed, revitalized and renewed.


  • Proprietary quantum hologram technology

  • Supports deep restful sleep & longevity

  • Supports healthy blood flow & oxygen levels

  • Non-transdermal accupressure

  • Simple, effective & easy to use



Toronto, Canada – Aroga Holding Corp and their partner organization Aroga Technologies (Aroga) is pleased to announce the acquisition of OXO Worldwide Inc. (OXO Worldwide) an International Network Marketing (NWM) company securing Aroga’s newest Global Google Client. OXO Worldwide will be taking advantage of the entire Google Eco System for its distributor base through Aroga’s Information Technology (IT) team, saving up to 70% on cost of communications and computing while reducing environmental impact by up to 98%. This is a significant benefit to distributors allowing them to be far more effective and successful using the Google social business platform.

Aroga continues to build on its product suite and partnership base with the acquisition of OXO Worldwide. In November of 2014 Aroga acquired and partnered with Vizzeco/Works Anywhere Inc., a global Google reseller to provide educational products (“Schoogle”) and services to school boards, rehabilitation clinics, hospitals, manufacturing & retail industries. Aroga’s purpose was to utilize the Google eco system and leverage the platform to help maximize the social contributions of people with disabilities.

Aroga has now built a multi-disciplinary offering of products and services that offers great advantages to NWM companies. Due to the potential for ongoing expansion in this industry Aroga has founded Aroga Multi Level Sales Support (MLSS) as a separate division dedicated to matching Google capabilities to the needs of the NWM marketplace. OXO Worldwide is the first company to fully utilize Aroga MLSS services for their rapidly growing network.

Steven E. Smith heads up the leadership team at OXO Worldwide. For the past 27 years Steven has worked, managed and owned his own NWM Company having reached over 2 Million distributors. Recognised by America Inc. Magazine for being the fastest growing office out of over 400 NWM offices, generating more than $100M in global sales. “The leadership skills, recruiting, sales, training and team building capabilities that Steven and his team (Douglas Yates and Ray Stickles) bring to OXO Worldwide and Aroga MLSS ensure our ultimate success. I am thrilled to be working with Steven and the OXO Worldwide Team” stated Grove Bennett, Chairman and CEO of Aroga.

“This agreement with Aroga is a synergistic and strategic opportunity for OXO Worldwide, allowing us to work with a well-established market leader with over 28 years history in education, sales, marketing and distribution. It will increase our global customer reach, as the leader in NWM. Combined, we will be the dominant player globally in NWM supporting multiple NWM companies and products ensuring they reach their true potential” stated Douglas Yates, President OXO Worldwide.

About Aroga Technologies Inc.

A Canadian company headquartered in Toronto ON with additional offices in Vancouver BC, Edmonton AB and Gatineau QC with representatives in Regina SK, and Halifax NS making Aroga Canada’s largest independent distributor of Assistive Technology products and services. Aroga recently established a presence in Costa Rica with the goal of providing additional access to markets in Central and South America.

Aroga’s technologies and products help individuals with various physical, sensory and cognitive issues perform daily tasks they would otherwise be unable to accomplish. Over the years the technology, assistance and training provided by Aroga as an end-to-end solutions provider has proven to assist individuals, families and businesses in both private and public corporations.

For the past 3 decades, Aroga has helped its clients attain independence and enhanced self-esteem. Through strategic partnerships with leading internationally recognized developers and innovators, Aroga provides skills and tools to ensure that individuals reach their maximum potential.

More information about Aroga’s products and services can be viewed at its website at

For further information, please contact:

Grove Bennett
Aroga Corp – Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Email –
1 416 388 7858


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